My name is Rin and I made this blog for really various reasons. I wanted to write and share thoughts with myself and the world, but a few things were wrong with that. A diary just wasn't working and I couldn't exactly mix a personal blog with a professional book blog could I (tell me if I'm wrong)? I write, very often if you could all the draft I had to trash because I just wasn't satisfied with the outcome.

I like clouds, Fantasy novels, rain storms, and Ben and Jerry's Ice cream. And I will always be in the mood for a good horror movie. I try too hard to be a good photographer, because I'm on Tumblr too much and can not get a grip on life and reality. I am a major American Horror Story and The Walking Dead Fan.

find me
book blog - Under Covers
tumblr user - deathbyblackberries
twitter - @undercoversco (book)
         - @rinorawr (personal)
instagram - @rinorawr

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